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      高壓發生器-High voltage generator




      High-end medical equipment cannot be separated from a high-performance high voltage generator, and its stability ensures the stability of other modules. Stable state can greatly extend the life of high-end medical equipment. Once this kind of core components will rely on imports, with domestic technical research for many years, now we manufacture the high voltage generator from the performance or appearance level is not inferior.

      The dc high voltage generator adopts medium frequency rectification filter technology to solve the disadvantages of high ripple coefficient and unsteady waveform of power frequency dc high voltage generator. The intelligent dc high voltage generator applies a new generation of PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology, adopts high-end intermediate frequency multiplier circuit, high performance closed-loop adjustment, high voltage and large feedback, and greatly improves the voltage stability.

      HURAKAN designers focus on the portability of products, whether from the way to carry, or material selection; In addition, IP66 is required to be waterproof for the equipment to be used outdoors. The designer has made special treatment for the modular battery, mechanical knobs, rotating handle and other local structures.


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