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      萌動機器人-Budding robot

      新世紀的寶寶有新世紀的玩具,隨著機器人技術的不斷發展, 各種機器人玩具充斥市場,傳統的積木式編程機器人,零件數量多、編程復雜、不但沒有提高孩子的積極性,反而打擊了孩子自身發展愛好的自信心。



      Baby in the new century has toys in the new century. With the continuous development of robot technology, all kinds of robot toys are flooding the market. The traditional building block programming robot has a large number of parts and complicated programming, which not only does not improve the enthusiasm of children, but also undermines the self-confidence of children's hobbies.

      Robot toys are designed to attract children's attention, cultivate children's interests and fun, so that children can learn new knowledge and develop their ability in the process of playing quickly, how to make children interested in robot toys, and can quickly start to operate?

      HURAKAN and education robot companies in China jointly develop a new area of intelligent robot, on the basis of maintaining effective content, simplify the complex robot, let children fall in love with robots, and quickly master the skills of robot operation.


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